March 30, 2011

Bright Artwork

I love how artwork changes the feeling of a room.  When traditionally decorated rooms use an unexpected very modern, very bright artwork, it is beyond intriguing.  These are some great interiors that the artwork makes a BOLD statement.
                          House Beautiful    Little Green Notebook    M Designs    Made By Girl   


  1. Do you happen to know where the Birds in Trees art piece is from or who the artist is?

  2. Mariana, I dont know who made it but that picture is from a room done by Elizabeth Sullivan Designs, if that helps any. I would also love to know who painted it, im a sucker for anything with birds on it!

  3. So. AM. I! lol - I am obsessed with it; the colors and the simplicity of the piece is just beautiful. thanks for that info - let see how far I get along with my hunt ;)