September 12, 2011

Microscopic Cocktails

All of these impressive photos of alcoholic beverages under a microscope uncover the elements that make up some of our favorite drinks. Each and every beverage is unique, while observed below when zoomed about 1, 000 times under a high tech lab microscope. Created by Bevshots.
 Dry Martini
 Vodka Tonic
 Pilsner Beer
 Pina Colada

August 18, 2011

Paper Bouquets

Who says your wedding bouquets have to be made out of real flowers?  These are AMAZING!!

Artist Spotlight - Martine Johanna

“I grew up in a small village, dreaming of other realities than mine, my fantasy rescued me then. Since I slowly found my way back to my pencils in 2006, I again get lost in this other reality. When I draw or paint, the world becomes translucent and fluid. Like the tale of Alice, but I am not a lost girl, I am the dark wanderer over rooftops, sliding into your dreams” -Martine Johanna

July 9, 2011

Artist Spotlight - Martin Wittfooth

New Yorker Martin Wittfooth creates hauntingly beautiful scenes.  I feel a certain amount of melancholy in his work, just breathtaking!

Christmas in July

As much as I LOVE summer, I love the Christmas holiday even more!  Here's some inspiration that will get you thru another 6 months till its xmas once again!
Great way to utilize a non working fireplace!
 Anthropologie Gift Wrap, to die for!
 No room for a christmas tree in your tiny apartment?  Why not put your ornaments directly on your wall?
                                              I just love these corrigated cardboard ornaments!
                                                        LOVE the rustic feel of these two grouping!

                 What a unique way to avoid those centerpieces that block those across-table convos!
Oh Martha Stewart, you are a goddess of wrapping...