June 7, 2011

Kids Rooms

Oh to be a kid again...  And the kids that live in these rooms have the most stylish, hippest parents!  Can't wait to design my own childs room...sigh...one day...
 LOVE the colors and oh my, look at the toy merry-go-round!  Source
 Sometimes the smallest rooms are the best ones, and really...how much room does a kid need anyway, this is perfect!
 GREAT use of space, love the painted creatures!
 TO DIE FOR,  I love everything about this room!!!!!  Audrey is one lucky gal!
 Chevron rug, with the robins egg blue and the yellow, great color scheme!
 What a great way to use wallpaper scraps!  These boys are sooo adorable!
 Very chic, understated girls room, I bet she uses that chalk board all the time!
 Otto must have a very bohemain, scandinavian set of parents...love it!
Look at the painted floor and rustic ladder, WHY did I not have a room like this when I was little?!

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  1. I still have a room at my parents place with bright blue walls and big fluffy clouds painted all over them. It's like the set of a children's television show :) I love going home!