May 14, 2011

Featured Artist Interview - Ingrid Padilla

While perusing around, I came across these LOVELY and WHIMISCAL  abstract watercolor/ink works of art.  I just had to contact the artist, Ms. Ingrid Padilla, and ask to feature her and her work on my blog.  Im so thankful she was happy to do it!
Tell me a little about yourself....
The unexpected is what I hope to achieve in my art always...  I'm mainly a self-taught artist who has been creating for as long as I can remember.   I am born and raised in Southern California in an artsy little port town full of generations upon generations of families. Everybody knows somebody that knows someone from your family.   I married to a wonderful man and have two awesome and very creative kids 24 and 15.  How long have you been making your work and how did it all begin?   I’ve been creating one thing or another since I was very young. Creating art began in my teen years. I used to love to take any art class in middle and high school that I possibly could. 

 I was first introduced to the online world about 11 years ago when my husband purchased me my first computer. I went online and discovered eBay—Wow, was I impressed that I could create anything I wanted and list it for sale. It was an instant success….I became so overly prolific creating new art continuously. I experimented and came up with my own unique style and technique of mosaic art that I couldn’t create fast enough!!!  After selling hundreds of mosaics… I then moved on to a whimsical style of metal art which I came up with…couldn’t create those fast enough either!! :-) I even had a request for a custom piece from Rothko’s niece (her Mom was his sister). I didn’t actually know that until after she received the artwork from me and then she let me know. :-).  I then moved on to combining the metal and mosaic into one…Couldn’t create those fast enough either. :-) I’ve had many collectors over those years that have purchased multiple pieces.

 I was also creating many abstract paintings and mixed media art pieces too.  About three years ago I had a bit of a burn-out and took a break. I also left eBay because of so many changes that took place on their site. I found Etsy and began creating again.   I had to relax for a while after having foot surgery. …that’s when my current art of paint and ink drawings came to life…. which I have completely fell in love with creating and have continued with for the past few years! :-)
What processes & techniques do you use in your work?
My paint and ink drawings are an extension of what I love to create with color. The colors tend to guide me in my exploration through the painted artwork for the addition of my delicately balanced funky line work which I love!  I am continually drawn to creating abstract artworks. I often add different mediums and layers to the paint to create many unusual effects….continually exploring and experimenting

What are you inspired by?
I have an obsession with color and creating a unique balance between color mixes. Sometimes just flipping through a magazine is all I need to be inspired….seeing the color mixes on the pages. Often I’m visualizing something new and unusual I want to try…my brain is almost always working overtime!!

Do you have a work space or studio?
Yes a small studio room in my home and a couple other studios off the garage…full of supplies for mosaic art.

What is it like?
Nicely unorganized I know where everything is though. Full of every type of art supply and found object you could think of !! J
Where can people buy your work?
Online at one of my Etsy shops or

What goals do you have for the future?
Write about my art more….as in a daily journaling blog. Start licensing some of my art.  Maybe get back into some local brick and mortar galleries.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about turning their craft/art into a business?
Go for it!! Be completely original!!

A few of your favorites (just for fun)....

Color: turquoise

Artist (dead or alive): love so many…

Movie: Frankie and Johnny, The Notebook

Food: Cheese

Website: My website is new or my often updated Facebook page

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