March 8, 2011

Tara Whitney Photography

Her photos are truly touching and capture her clients in such a beautiful and honest light.

Her philosophy on her website describes her work perfectly,
       "I see something in people. I see something in families. It is the same something that I want to capture in my own family, in my own children. I strive to capture it for you too.  Photography is more than my job, it is my goose-bumps-tears-jump up-and-down-on-my-bed-passion. I have an eye for family photography that goes way beyond the traditional white shirts and jeans. I am not out to create the "flawless traditional portrait". Life isn't flawless. I am looking to capture your authentic connections. Leave the perfect hair and clothes at home. I would much prefer to see you just as you are—beautiful! Show up in your favorite jeans and tousled hair, your child with a lollipop-stained mouth from the ride in the car. Relax. Have fun. Be real. Be alive. Be in love, and loving each other. Perfectly imperfect."

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