October 29, 2010

Colorful Bedrooms

Are you wanting to add a bit of color to your bedroom??  Are you bold enough to go BRIGHT?  This collection of bedrooms are very bold and bright.  If your not willing to go as colorful in a bedroom, choose neutral colors for wall, carpet, and curtains, while using bedding and accessories to give your space a pop of color.  A bright accent wall would be a great way to incorporate color without being too overwhelming in a bedroom.  Make sure you use sofisticated and modern furniture and accessories, avoiding anything that would make it look like a teens or childs room.

Neutral walls and bedding with pops of green, not overwhelming but still bright.
 I love how the color on the walls creates a light and airy feeling with neutral accents that contrast.  Perfect.  I want that mirror above the bed!
 Bold orange.  Still classic when paired with brown, not too over the top.  Light neutral pieces mixed in, very cohesive design.
 VERY ecclectic and unique.  Bright blue walls with mixmatched color pillows, very playful and unexpected.
 The deep purple walls and dark wood make this room very romatic and dramatic.  The little touches of white (stool, bedposts and pillows) help with breaking up the darkness.
 Mostly white bedroom with pops of green and light blue, lovely!  Who knew that polka dots would work so well in that room, great color scheme.
 I am IN LOVE with this pastel wall color with pops of orange and pink.  Love a shelf over the bed to put your treasures!
          Very chic and rich looking.  Blue and yellow, quite a regal combo, yet the flourescent yellow lamps keep it unique and playful.

Inspiration found from Designsponge, HGTV, HouseBeautiful, MyHomeIdeas. Check them out, they have AMAZING room ideas, wow.

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